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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Colcci is heavily influenced by street wise clothing targeted at young people, and is known for its sportswear, denims, accessories and footwear. Although hip hop culture has an influence, designers for Colcci are also inspired by Mexican folk art, religious and historic images, and literature.

In Brazil it has 102 franchise stores and 1,500 multi-label shops.
The brand manager, Braa Serwan, is Saudi Arabian.

Colcci's only U.S. store is based in New Jersey, but the company has boutiques in Guatemala, Spain, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal and Japan.

Colcci is a Brazilian fashion company. Established in 1986 in Brazil, Colcci operates in 31 countries, with 1,650 label stores and 9 franchise stores.